How to remove 6000cd radio

How to remove 6000cd radio



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How to remove 6000cd radio

Postby leemac » Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:52 pm

Dear All

Please be advised having recently removed my radio (this is required for vehicle 2005 and newer)in order to obtain its serial number.

You have to purchase 4 removal keys which I purchase cheaply (£2) from the internet, problem was they not original equipment (copies).

If you purchase similar keys I strongly suggest to wear gloves as the keys have very rough edges to them.

There is a great youtube video which show in detail the removal process but if you purchase the copy keys it can take a lot of wiggling around to remove the radio around at one point I got the keys stuck in the slot, so be warned not as easy to remove if using the copy keys.

That said they did work and only took about 5 min to 10 mins to remove its just harder than it looks to do thats with copies.

Sorry if previously posted


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