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Audi Key Fob Reprogramming - A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, R,S TT ,Quattro, Coupe

If you need to program a new key or an old key in which the battery has died, this document will guide you through the process of programming the key to your car. Follow the easy steps and in a few minutes you should have successfully programmed you key!

Remote Control Programming (1997 ON)

1. Switch Ignition ON and leave the key in the ignition.

2. Mechanically lock the vehicle using the Drivers door using a second key.

3. Using the remote control press the Unlock button once, and the horn will sound once.

4. Wait 6 seconds and press the unlock button once to activate the coding procedure. The remote control will now be programmed.

NOTE : When performing programming on additional remotes the procedure is the same, except you press the unlock button 2, 3 or 4 times for the different remote.

For example : If programming 2 remotes press the unlock button twice with a 1 second interval between each press, repeat for 3 and 4 remotes.

5. Switch Ignition OFF.

6. Remove key from ignition and check for operation.

7. The coding procedure can be repeated up to 4 times for additional remotes.

8. The ignition must be switched OFF between programming each remote control.

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