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Subaru Key Fob Reprogramming

If you need to program a new key or an old key in which the battery has died, this document will guide you through the process of programming the key to your car. Follow the easy steps and in a few minutes you should have successfully programmed you key!

Remotes can be programmed manually as follows:

1. In drivers kick panel there is 2 white service connectors for Central Locking, these have black and black/blue wires in them and are male/female connectors with blade terminals.

2. Connect the C/L service connectors together and with the car unlocked and the door shut, press the unlock nutton followed by the lock button on the remote- the doors should lock and unlock to confirm remote regisatration process.

3. Repeat operation for all remotes then remove service connector to close the system.

Note- all keys must be present at the time of coding to prevent them being deleted.

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